Kelley Corporation was founded three generations ago with the principles of honesty and integrity.  These principles still hold true today. Our reputation for upholding highly ethical business standards is our most valuable asset and we are dedicated to maintaining that character..





Kelley Corporation produces and sells hundreds of thousands of tons of aggregates annually with locations thru out central Austin.  Our materials are TXDOT Approved for a variety of uses.  

 Kelley Corporation is committed to providing quality products and exceptional customer service, whether your a construction company on a large project or a homeowner doing an improvement project we help.


Topsoil/ Loam


Kelley Corporation has a variety of quality soils to fit just about any need you may have.  We manufacture general fill, topsoil, loam, blended and screened materials.  Our plant always have large quantities of these materials on hand for purchase.  

Materials can be picked up at our plant or we can provide delivery for you.  Our Rates are very competitive and our materials are second to none.  


Haul Off


 Our haul off site is located in South Austin. It's location is within a mile of the gravel and Loam pit. It is a permitted site and can accept General fill, dirt, rock and concrete (without exposed rebar).  

The site has plenty of room so if you have (1) yard of material to get rid of or Millions, we got you covered.